"There is nothing very chaos", says minister in Parliament – The Economic Journal

Faced with the demand for more public transport from almost all parties, the Minister for the Environment and Energy Transition today denied "chaos" in the sector, in a parliamentary debate on climate change at the initiative of "The Greens."

"It is not by saying that there is chaos that there is chaos. There is no such thing as chaos, "said Matos Fernandes, after PAN's deputy, André Silva, described" a picture of chaos "at the Metropolitano de Lisboa, similarly to other parliamentarians previously, exemplifying the announced withdrawal measure of seats in carriages and boats to accommodate more users.

The official also praised the initiative of the capital's underground transport company to create "more luggage space" for travelers and "pushchairs", for example after receiving "numerous complaints."

"You say they're starting to pull banks? The area in square meters in the carriages has not been altered by this Government. This reform did not do, "said Matos Fernandes, in response to various interventions by various political colors.

Regarding the problems reported in the river links between Barreiro and Lisbon, the Minister of the Environment also stated that "as soon as the strike [de mestres das embarcações], there is no longer any problem in transport, "adding that the company" has a ship off and not ships less. "

The Social Democrat had stressed that the transport sector is responsible for about 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in Portugal, describing that there is a "constant degradation of the public transport service, led to destitution."

"We only need to put freight wagons at the service of the users", he joked, criticizing "captives and lack of investment" before announcing that the PSD will present an "emergency plan for this sector", contemplating the maintenance of abandoned rolling stock and modernization and electrification of all railway lines, for example.

Christian Democrat Hélder Amaral said that "the minister needs to move from words to deeds" and "can not just promise" because he "promises a lot, but does little", lamenting the treatment of people "like sardines in a can."

Blocker Heitor Sousa pointed out that "there is great frustration and revolt" because, having announced the program of huge reduction of transport tariffs, passengers are "now facing a huge reduction in supply", lamenting the solution of seated retreat to put "all the people in the sauce and faith in god" to solve the overcrowding.

Communists Bruno Dias and Ângela Moreira stressed that "it was worthwhile to insist," referring to the long-standing measure advocated by the PCP for the extension of the intermodal social pass, "of enormous scope and significance and fundamental from an environmental and promotion of collective transportation over individual transportation "and called for" more investment, go further, strengthen schedules and careers ", and hiring more staff.

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