There will be a "huge shortage" of teachers in schools, warns Fenprof – O Jornal Económico

Fenprof's secretary-general warned today that if the government does not take action, it will soon feel “a huge shortage of qualified teachers in Portuguese schools”.

“If the Government does not take action and if the Government does not resolve [o problema do envelhecimento da profissão docente], there will be a tremendous break soon, ”said the secretary general of the National Teachers Federation (Fenprof), Mario Nogueira, who was speaking at a press conference at the Rainha Santa Isabel School in Coimbra.

According to Mario Nogueira, this year, only until June, have retired "more teachers than the whole year 2018", saying that this "will be a trend".

Fenprof Secretary-General explained that after 25 April 1974, with the democratization of education, there was an exponential increase in the number of teachers entering the public system who are now nearing retirement age.

In this sense, "the number of retirees annually will increase brutally and there will be a huge difficulty in filling the absences," he said.

In light of this reality, the Ministry of Education this year has placed more teachers to perform in schools on the first day of September than in 2018 “throughout the first period until September 31”, stating that there are recruitment groups that "They have no one left for recruitment reserves."

Mário Nogueira considers that the devaluation of the profession and “the permanent attack on teachers” leads young people not to be teachers, which could be a problem soon.

As an example of the aging profession, Fenprof's secretary-general pointed to the Rainha Santa Isabel School Group in Coimbra, where the average age of teachers is 54.4 years and the number of teachers aged 65 is higher. to all who are up to 40 years old, who are only three (and are all 39 years old).

At the press conference, Fenprof also responded to Prime Minister António Costa, who stated in a recent interview with Expresso that he would be available to negotiate with the teachers, provided they had a "white flag" in their hands.

"The prime minister should already know that the teachers do not surrender," said Mario Nogueira.

According to Mario Nogueira, teachers are available to negotiate and dialogue, but will not “raise any white flag”, listing nine teachers' fight flags for any negotiation with the future government after the October 6 legislative elections.

Five of these flags will be present in a petition that Fenprof will circulate in schools starting today and will later be handed over to the government and parliament after the legislative elections, he said.

At the forefront of these demands is the full recovery of teachers 'length of service that still needs to be accounted for, followed by the need for a specific retirement scheme, the fight against precariousness, the end of “abuse” in teachers' working hours and a regime fair competition.

All flags will appear on the Teachers 'and Teachers' Claim Book, a document to be approved on Friday at the Fenprof National Council.

During the press conference, Mário Nogueira also called for the mobilization of teachers for the national demonstration called for Lisbon on October 5, one day before the legislature, on what is World Teacher Day.

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