These are the 5 smartphones with the smallest notch in the market – Multimedia

These are the 5 smartphones with the smallest notch in the market - Multimedia

Huawei has been keen to reduce the size of the notches, as evidenced by the recent Mate 20, but there are other brands that feature discrete models for "monocles".

Despite being one of the most popular smartphones on the market, the iPhone X does not have a small notch. In fact, the crown jewel of Apple has one of the widest notches today. The company decided to keep it with the Xs and Xr generations, but competing companies decided to launch phones with shorter versions.

The notch has proved to be one of the most controversial features of modern smartphones. Recent history holds even some stories of clear demonstrations against the introduction of notches on some phones. However, mobile manufacturers seem to want to remain loyal to the notch, and given the sales volume of the giant's flagship Cupertino, the truth is there does not seem to be any correlation between the size of the notch and the interest that the public shown in the model in question.

The notch came with the Essential PH-1, which hit the market in August last year. The brand anticipated a fashion that was later leveraged by Apple with the launch of the iPhone X. Since then 90% of the current flagships have come up with this aesthetic feature that nevertheless does not seem to have attracted to Samsung. The massification of the notch in the Android devices caused some discomfort in a set of consumers that made itself heard online, and since then that has been the concern of reducing the dimension of the same ones so that the display took up more and more space.

In this article we bring together the five smartphones with the smallest notches on the market. In this segment, Huawei is the brand that leads, not only by the models that launched with its own label, but also by the models that have launched under the brand Honor.

For those who like smartphones with wide displays and do not have great appreciation for the notches, these are some of the best solutions of the present time.

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