These are the new secretaries of state – The Economic Journal

These are the new secretaries of state - The Economic Journal

Ten new secretaries of state will take office on Wednesday as part of the remodeling begun on Sunday in five ministries in the socialist government led by António Costa, and five will be reappointed.

According to the note published in the portal of the Presidency of the Republic, they enter the Government as new Secretaries of State Luís Goes Pinheiro (Administrative Modernization), Ana Pinto (Defense), João Correia Neves (Economy), João Torres (Consumer defense), João Paulo Catarino (Valorization of the Interior), Angela Ferreira (Culture), About Me (Science, Technology and Higher Education), Francisco Ventura Ramos (Deputy and Health), Raquel Bessa de Melo (Health and João Galamba (Energy).

State Secretaries Ana Mendes Godinho (Tourism), José Mendes (Deputy and Environment Deputy and Mobility), Carlos Martins (Environment), Célia Ramos (Spatial Planning and Nature Conservation) and Ana Pinho ( Housing).

Eight until now state secretaries have abandoned the government in this remodeling: Marcos Perestrello (Defense), Miguel Honrado (Culture), Paulo Ferreira (Deputy and Trade), Ana Teresa Lehmann (Industry), Jorge Seguro Sanches (Energy), Fernando Araújo Deputy and Health), Rosa Matos Zorrinho (Health) and Maria Fernanda Rollo (Science, Technology and Higher Education).

In this remodeling, which began on Monday and now extended to two other ministries, a total of seven, the former head of the Secretary of State for the Presidency and Administrative Modernization, Graça Fonseca, began to hold the position of Minister of Culture.

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