"This being a country's flag is a pride of shit" – Current Affairs

"This being a country's flag is a pride of shit" - Current Affairs

This week, one of the projects that made Cristina Ferreira the most enjoyable, namely the launch of the book 'Speak (English) is easy' was among the five finalists (out of a total of 145 participants) to the ELton awards, full of pride.

However, the truth is that Cristina's team eventually failed to bring home the distinction, something that did not rob her of the mood, on the contrary.

"The book did not win. I won. We all win. Very. Because in this room our country was spoken. Because such an intense project was recognized as one of the 5 best in the world. Because 5 young people are going to Cambridge in a month's time to study English. Otherwise they could not. Because today, in our day, someone has spoken of us. And this being the flag of a country is a priceless pride, "he emphasized on Instagram.

Already in the InstaStories added: "And ready, the book did not win. I have a little London back there a little bit sad that we could not. But we know how beautiful this project was and continues to be for us. Five months from now, five young people will leave to study in Cambridge and otherwise they would not. This was indeed and continues to be a heart project. We must all be very proud. Portugal was one of the five finalists and our project one of the best in the world, "he stressed once again.

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