"This budget proposal remains limited" – The Economic Journal

"This budget proposal remains limited" - The Economic Journal

The PCP said on Tuesday that the State Budget proposal had "a set of positive measures" and "inseparable from the contribution" of the party, sending the announcement of the vote meaning after confirming them in the document.

"We have just received the State Budget a few hours ago, we will check the adequacy of its content to the positive outlook of the common examination. The vote will be announced after confirmation, hoping that the content of the budget will match the perspectives that are created, "said PCP deputy António Filipe in statements to journalists in parliament.

In his opening statement, António Filipe made it clear that the budget proposal for 2019 contains "a set of positive measures that are inseparable from the contribution that the PCP gave" during the joint examination of the document with the Government.

"We believe that this proposal remains limited by options of the PS that limit the scope of what would be necessary to solve the structural problems facing the country," he said.

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