"This pause will also be good for the public to rest a little bit of me" – News

"This pause will also be good for the public to rest a little bit of me" - News

In conversation with Sílvia Alberto, Tony Carreira spoke about the pause he will make in his career in music.

This Sunday, day 4, Tony Carreira was in the conversation with Sílvia Alberto in the program of RTP1 'Sociedade Recreativa'.

Among several issues, the artist approached the break he will make in his career, after the concerts at the Altice Arena, scheduled for November 16 and 17.

"With this pause I'm going to do, and I think it's time to do it because when I go back to music, when it does, I return, I want to go back with things to say, with other songs, I do not know if someone is waiting for me on my return "He said.

"Right now I feel like I need some time first for me and after some time for my next record to be interesting. It is important sometimes to leave our profession, to return with more will, more claw. That will continue to have her. I do not want to record a disc just by recording ", defended.

"This pause will be very good for the public also to rest a little of me, which I have been exposed so much in terms of media in the last 10 years, at least. It's like a couple taking a vacation from each other "he said, laughing.

Later, he added: "I always said that when I think I'm over, for all the respect I have for my profession, for the music that has given me so much, I hope I have the good sense to leave that day for good."

Tony also made it a point to underline that he does not know how long the break will last, but that it will not be "final".

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