Threat Map: Watch cyber attacks in real time – Site of the day

Threat Map: Watch cyber attacks in real time - Site of the day

The map shows all cyber attacks between countries in real time, providing statistics of the most affected.

Cyber ​​attacks are part of a "silent war" that goes along with most Internet users, but did you know that there are hundreds or thousands of attacks per minute around the world? If you do not believe, check out the Live Cyber ​​Attack Threat Map website, produced by Check Point, a map where all attacks between countries are recorded in real time.

The map displays arrows of origin and destination and the type of attacks (trojans, malwares, Emotet, etc.) and the time of them, in constant update. Do you remember the movie "War Games"? It's very similar.

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The website also lists the countries most targeted by the attacks, and clicking on each nation may have access to additional information, such as the most frequently used attacks and their source.

To get an idea, the United States was the one who attacked the most in Portugal last week. And an average of 24 million cyberattacks are recorded daily …

You can visit the website at the following address.

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