Three at a time: Google has Pixel 3, Pixel Slate and Home Hub – Equipment

Three at a time: Google has Pixel 3, Pixel Slate and Home Hub - Equipment

After talking about research, tradition and chambers of its more than 20 years of existence, the technology giant unveiled the new smartphones, the new tablet and the new bet for the home.

Several leaks and rumors in recent weeks "forced" Google to take the date of today's presentation of the new smartphones Pixel 3. And fulfilled. Directly from New York, the Made by Google 2018 event introduced not only new mobile phones, but other products.

Rick Osterloh opened the hostilities of the event, marked by the twentieth anniversary of the technology giant. "Delivering information is in our DNA, and we want to make life easier for people in different ways," as a motto to what was to be presented. In that sense, the translation system has surpassed the hundred supported languages ​​and intelligent composers have made life easier for people when writing messages and emails.

Team Pixel also worked to ensure that the cameras were built to search for images through the artificial intelligence system, analyzing millions of photographs and suggesting the best through recognition. "Our investment in Artificial Intelligence over the years represents our effort to improve the performance of our future products, which will be presented today."

Placing your customers in the foreground is the goal of the company throughout its existence. Looking to introduce new security systems, but at the same time customize the Google experience to each user, the company has created a looping ecosystem between servers and devices. And new parental controls that include the time of use of the applications are found in the brand new devices. These are some of the guidelines for the future of the company's products, while a balance was made of its technology throughout the year in different devices.

In that sense, and without further ado, Rick Osterloh confirmed the launch of three new things at once: the Pixel 3, the new Pixel Slate tablet and also the Google Home Hub, a unique screen to control the devices at home.

Imagined Home Again

Diya Jolly explained how Google Home was reimagining. The goal is to replace audio feedback with visual contextualization through the new monitor. Customers can choose from four colors so that they best fit the places in the house where they will be used. The screen responds to the room's lighting environment so it does not overdo the brightness when it is turned on. The subtle environment of transition between colors and lighting according to the time of day is a bet of the company.

Mark Spates exemplified how to use the Google Home Hub. "Hey Google, good morning" and got a response from the AI ​​system with pictures talking about the weather as well as agenda suggestions for the day.

Through the voice you can use, for example, the system as a cookbook, to help the kitchen prepare meals. The Hub accompanies the user giving step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the food. On the other hand, with voice commands you can activate the playlist on YouTube. When it's released, the system will offer you a premium YouTube subscription.

The Hub also introduces the Room View, which allows access to all devices around the house, from control of lights, music, air conditioning temperature, surveillance cameras, etc. Everything can be controlled also through App Home, promises to Google. "If someone rings the bell during dinner, through the viewfinder you can see who is at the door, and eventually open the door without getting up from the table."

When not in use, Google Hub can be used as a digital photo frame by going to Google Photos. The new Live Album system is able to open photos of the selected people and is updated in real time as photographs are captured. You can also use the equipment to share photos with your family. Through machine learning, only high quality photographs are shared, to avoid embarrassing situations.

The official price is 149 dollars, and is available from now for pre-order and on sale from October 22.

Pixel Slate: Google's evolved tablet

The launch of Pixel Slate marks the evolution of the company's laptops in a new experience. It is a combination of a laptop, tablet and smartphone, intended to be "lightweight, slim and beautiful," the company says, with its Midnight Blue color. It has a 293 pp1 and 6MP, capable of offering contents in UltraHD.

The technology giant promises crystal clear images, whether playing, watching movies or viewing photos, as well as high-end sound thanks to the two front speakers. It has 8MP cameras in front and back, supporting portrait mode, and wide-angle lenses.

The new dashboard is designed to provide a typical desktop experience, with its search engine equipped with Machine Learning to suggest applications to users. You can use your voice to search for restaurants, shows, and more. You can also turn off distractions and turn on night features for navigation in a more welcoming environment.

Accompanying the tablet, the Pixel Slate Keyboard does not need to be charged: just lean against the screen, snapping easily. It has buttons with round luminous rings, so that it can be used in dark places. When you close, the keyboard becomes a protective cover.

According to the company, the battery of the tablet can withstand 10 hours of use.

Pixel 3 and Pixel XL

The Pixel 3 and Pixel XL devices have the same specifications and have three colors: white, black and "non-pink". They are 40% with a higher sound and have six months of YouTube Music subscription.

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