Throes + The Shine: new formula, same party – Showbiz

Throes + The Shine: new formula, same party - Showbiz

This new challenge made Mob say the master of the holidays. The dance that provided with sounds like Paradise, Musseque (sung with the company of Mike El Nite), Solar (with the presence of Psychedelic Cachupa), Balança or even My People, dedicated to all who gave life in the b.leza , had timely contours mainly on shirts and tshirts.

What can we feel about this new album? More contained, without those explosions of Rockuduro, Mambos of Other Types or Wanga. It's how the style they built became more adult. But more contained does not mean that we miss the energy and mystique that is associated with the band based in Porto. By the way, "busting this whole m ****" was the watchword for Mob.

But this new vibe of the Throes + The Shine does not mean letting go of the past. Warriors, Keep It In (which featured Da Chick on stage), Tá a Crash, were part of a songbook to prove that balance is possible.

Incidentally, balance is the right word for Throes + The Shine. They have always proved that it is possible to reconcile rock and kuduro. They have proved that it is possible to evolve and show new, interesting things and infect the public in any concert. Who saw them in 2014 and who sees them in 2019, renewed and contagious.

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