Tiago Barbosa Ribeiro (PS) refuses to talk about former minister's SMS and stresses that he has never been heard – Jornal Económico

Tiago Barbosa Ribeiro, a Socialist leader who resumes as a deputy in the legislative elections for the Oporto circle, took this position in remarks to reporters just before a campaign action by the PS secretary general, António Costa, near Arcozelo beach in the municipality of Gaia.

According to the prosecutor, Socialist deputy Tiago Barbosa Ribeiro has received on his phone a written message from former National Defense Minister Azeredo Lopes, who assumed he knew how the stolen weapons at the Tancos military base were recovered.

Tiago Barbosa Ribeiro stressed that he has “nothing to say about this matter”, claiming that Tancos is “a judicial process”.

“What I know about this process is what has been spread by the media. It is a process that does not concern me directly. So I have nothing to add to that, ”he said.

Asked if he confirmed the content of the written message he received from Azeredo Lopes and if he should not have communicated it to the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the case of Tancos, Tiago Barbosa Ribeiro insisted that he would not comment on the case.

"I understand curiosity, but it's a process that doesn't concern me," he said, before leaving another note: "I was not heard by any authority, I was not contacted by any authority."
"As such, I have nothing to add on this subject," he reiterated.

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