Tiago Raposo wants to continue "remarkable work" of Paulo Sá in parliament – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Tiago Raposo wants to continue "remarkable work" of Paulo Sá in parliament - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The head of the CDU list by the Faro circle to the next legislative elections, Tiago Raposo, assured yesterday that he wants to continue, if elected, the "remarkable work" of Paulo Sá, who is leaving after eight years in parliament.

"This is a challenge that I take on as a whole and with confidence in the strength of our collective. The responsibility is great, because Paulo Sá has developed a remarkable work in the last eight years, "said the coalition candidate between PCP and" The Greens. "

Tiago Raposo spoke in his first public act as head of CDU's list, during a rally held near the docks of Portas do Mar, overlooking the Ria Formosa in Faro, which was attended by the Secretary General of the PCP, Jerónimo de Sousa.

"We do not say one thing here and another in the Assembly of the Republic. Unlike the others, we hold the same view. The CDU's work in parliament speaks for itself, with more than 400 visits and meetings in the Algarve, hundreds of questions to the government and dozens of draft resolutions and initiatives, "said Tiago Raposo.

About the Algarve region, the candidate addressed the lack of investment in the Algarve Line and EN125, whose rehabilitation works "have been promised for more than a decade."

Tiago Raposo did not forget the "low wages and the precariousness carried to the extreme" in a region with a marked tourist profile, in which activities such as fishing, industry or agriculture are "despised".

Keeping the seat in parliament is therefore the aim of the CDU. "We are confident that the work done will be strengthened with more votes, because the Algarve need those who defend them in parliament," said the candidate.

Tiago Raposo, 35, is political advisor to the Silves City Council executive. Natural and resident in that Algarve county, it was for years, in professional terms, commercial distributor.

Paulo Sá considered that the CDU "fully deserved the trust placed by the Algarve", noting that the work done in the Assembly of the Republic in relation to the Algarve "had no parallel" with that of other political forces.

"Only in the legislature from September 2017 to August 2018 did we ask the government 96 questions about the problems of the region, while the other parties made only 63," said the Communist deputy.

The CDU MP pointed out that after "eight years of exclusive dedication" to the Assembly of the Republic, he felt "a deep desire" to return to "academic life and research", returning to the University of Algarve.

"Let's have a great first candidate, James Fox. A young comrade well prepared and knowledgeable of the Algarve reality, who will be a committed voice in defense of the region and the Algarve, "concluded the CDU representative for the Faro circle.

The leader of the PCP, Jerónimo de Sousa, also praised Paulo Sá. "We were very proud of being able to count on him on our bench. If the problems of the Algarve passed through the parliament, it was for their action, "he said.

About Tiago Raposo, the communist secretary general pointed out "the important professional career and capacity already demonstrated in the framework of support for the executive of the Silves chamber."

Jerónimo de Sousa pointed out that one of the struggles of the PCP is to restore income to workers and raise the minimum wage to 850 euros, exemplifying the case of the Algarve.

"We are in a region where tourism predominates. In recent years, there has been a significant growth, with more tourists, more sleeping, more passengers, more revenue and more profits. But it is no less true that this growth was not reflected fairly in the lives of workers. The salary levels in the region in the tourism sector have not reached even the values ​​prior to 2008, "he said.



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