Tips to kiss better – Sex

Tips to kiss better - Sex

There are kisses more memorable than others and even though things have not worked out, the memory remains. However, there are others where we think "but, what am I doing here?". Of course, empathy, willpower and will dictate a lot, but clumsiness can be equally a motive.

Too much tongue (or lack thereof), lots of saliva, stiff lips, anxiety, etc … can end a moment of sexual or romantic excitement and that is a business card. That being the case, there's nothing like knowing what you can do better and start kissing better.

Exfoliation and moisturizing

You're welcome to kiss very well if you have dry skin on your lips. This first step is very important so, get used to exfoliate weekly and moisturize daily.


After waking up is normal, but not rest! Good dental hygiene is not only good for your health, it will dictate how others see you. Brushing your teeth at least three times a day, using floss and going to the dentist every six months to do a cleaning is crucial! Nevertheless, the lack of hydration and feeding can also cause bad breath and make the mouth dry so be careful about it. Also get used to walking with sugar-free pills because you never know when you might need them. Cinnamon sticks are a good option as they have anti bacterial effect and more effectively fight bad breath.

Take it easy

Do not be squeamish because this will only cause anxiety to the other. Be calm and gentle, inserting the kiss with the tongue kiss. You may suck the tongue or the lip of the other, but do not spend your life doing it. Do not overdo the suction or put your whole tongue and do not forget that the touch of your hands on the face, neck and back of the other will complement the kiss.

Control and teach

If you pick someone who is not very good at it, it's not worth giving up! Be prepared to control a tongue that seems to have a life of its own or a mouth that does not move. Keep your lips relaxed, circle around the other's lips and suck slowly and occasionally. Control the pace and take the necessary time.

Saliva q.s.

Well, no one wants to feel licked and much less drooling so be careful with the excess saliva in your mouth. Change the pace and stop for a second giving the sense to go change direction and enjoy to swallow the saliva more.

Complement the kiss

As mentioned above, there are gestures that complement a kiss and make it much richer. The touches on the face, hair, and back work wonders, all the more so when allied to a few cracks. But calm, unless told otherwise, keep your intensity in mind. Intercall the kiss with small nibbles on the lip and go down to the neck, where also a few cracks are welcome.

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