"To vote tomorrow is not to give up the freedom to rule our future" – Jornal Econômico

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa appealed to the Portuguese to vote in the European elections on Sunday, in order to combat the high abstention that has occurred in these elections.

"To vote tomorrow is not to give up the freedom to rule our future," the President of the Republic said in his message Saturday, May 25.

"I ask you for this small sacrifice, which is not to leave 20% or 25% of the decision that belongs to everyone. Even for a very simple reason, for the next day, you do not have, we do not have, to start again the complaint that Europe, to which we belong, is wrong, that Europe does not understand us. All because the overwhelming majority chose not to choose, "he said.

If the overwhelming majority choose "not to devote a few minutes of their time to what will determine the next five years of our lives tomorrow", it may begin, as in so many cases, the "weakness of democracies." "Thus began, too often, the path to the seduction of absolute powers."

"Today, although we did not realize that, what is decided in Europe is as important as much that is decided only in Portugal. And Europe will, in the coming months and years, take key decisions for our future, "he said.

"So I ask you to forget what you disliked in the election campaign, or the temptation to think that it is an uncomfortable vote, an unappealing vote, an unnecessary vote, or the indulgence of thinking that voting is for others, for the hard nuclei of the parties, for the experts, for the same ones of always ", underlined the President of the Republic.

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