"Today who comes to politics is already semi-discredited and under suspicion," says Rui Rio – O Jornal Económico

The president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Rui Rio, said Wednesday that it is crucial to re-emphasize political activity in order to have "strong democratic political power." Rui Rio says that whoever enters political life today is already "semi-discredited and under suspicion" and regrets the "mistakes" made by Parliament in terms of transparency and credibility.

"Today, those who come to politics are already semi-discredited and under suspicion. Or again [a política] or we never get what it is to have strong political power, "said Rui Rio, for whom the prestige of politics is" more important than governance at a lunch-debate at The American Club of Lisbon at the Sheraton hotel in Lisbon .

The leader of the Social Democrats considered that to have "a strong and democratic political power, the first step is to have credible political power" and stressed that those who do not have credibility does not meet the requirements to carry out this activity. Rui Rio also criticized Parliament for failing to make decisions that give politicians credibility and transparency.

"Parliament has made many mistakes. Every time Parliament takes on any transparency package, the tendency is to create even more difficulties for the future. The tendency is often to legislate on what is not lawful and to take with the problems and discredit on top. This is the tendency to please the next day, but it is not the way that guarantees the prestige of politics, "said Rui Rio.

In a diagnosis of the country's problems, Rui Rio identified structural political bottlenecks with the "nuclear issue" that must be resolved, followed by economic and social bottlenecks. Rui Rio also argued that no single government will be able to respond to these structural constraints, insisting once again on the need to find political consensus among the parties.

"It is the political problem that is determining, in the first line, the other constraints. For example, external indebtedness, as well as public indebtedness, is the child of political choices that were not determined by the country's interest, but by weakness of the regime or by the state of necessity in the face of tomorrow's election, "said the PSD leader.

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