Tony Carreira denies news and says: "I like Sara's boyfriend" – News

Tony Carreira denies news and says: "I like Sara's boyfriend" - News

The artist was this Monday to talk with Júlia Pinheiro, at the premiere of the new program of the presenter.

'Júlia', the program presented by Júlia Pinheiro, premiered this Monday, 8, at SIC. In this special issue, the guest was Tony Carreira, as the presenter revealed during the afternoon on social networks.

During the conversation, the artist received messages from his children, Mickael, David and Sara Carreira. After watching the videos surprise, there was a lack of a theme that has given that talk.

"You're in trouble now. They asked this girl in marriage, "said Júlia Pinheiro, referring to Tony Carreira's daughter.

In response to the comment, the artist replied, "That's what I think is pink magazine stuff." Soon after, Tony made a point of confessing that he was very fond of his daughter's mate, thus denying the rumors that appeared in the pink press.

"I happen to really like Sara's boyfriend and if she marries him, I'm delighted. But I've read it in a magazine where I'm apparently annoyed, I do not know why. I love the boy, "he said, stating," My daughter is the woman of my life. "

After the words of the artist, Júlia Pinheiro asked the singer about his granddaughter, to which Tony replied, 'frilly': "At first I did not find it funny to be a grandfather. Today I look at Beatriz [filha de Mickael e Laura Figueiredo] and melt me ​​down completely. It's wonderful and today I'm very happy to be a grandfather. "

It is recalled that Sara dates with João Direitinho, musician of the band Átoa. Last week, the artist was caught off guard by the call of Sara's brother, David Carreira, who accepted the RFM challenge and asked the young man for his reasons because he wrote in a photograph on Sara's Instagram: "Houses with Me?" . To see this moment, click here.

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