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The data are from the study Public Figures and Digital Influencers 2019, conducted by Marktest Consulting, where the podium of the main digital influencers in Portugal is all filled by women. The singer and actress Mia Rose, the blogger The Sweetest Popcorn and the comedian Bumba na Fofinha are the personalities that most Portuguese say they know in the survey.

Presented a list of 39 names of digital influencers, Mia Rose was the personality most interviewees in this study recognized, with 48.1% of notoriety suggested. The Sweetest Popcorn (43.7%) and Bumba in the Fofinha (42.1%) occupied the following positions.

In terms of the empathy / identification generated by digital influencers among the Portuguese, the technology youtuber Bernardo Almeida recorded the best result, with 7.39 points (on a scale of 1 to 10) among the respondents who reported knowing him. In this criterion, the beauty youtubers Alice Trewinnard and Sara Ferreira occupied the following positions.

Although most of the respondents said not to be in the habit of visiting or following blogs or vlogs, among those who usually do the favorite topics are humor, entertainment and lifestyle. The blog The Sweetest Popcorn was spontaneously indicated by the respondents (without suggestion of answers) as the most visited.

In terms of ranking of followers, Cristiano Ronaldo is the Portuguese public figure that registers the largest number of fans in the various social networks where it is present. The national football team and Juventus have about 121 million fans on Facebook and more than 164 million followers on Instagram. On Twitter, Ronaldo also leads with about 78 million followers.

On YouTube, however, Cristiano Ronaldo occupies only the sixth position, with 1.3 million subscribers. In this social network, the Portuguese digital influencer with more subscribers is Sirkazzio (Anthony Sousa): this youtuber registers more than 5 million followers.

Youtube is the platform with a more differentiated top of the rest networks and where the digital influencers have more attendance. In this network, in addition to Sirkazzio, there are the D4rkframe youtubers (António Luís Ramos), with 4.6 million subscribers, Wuant (Filipe Morgado Borges), with 3.5 million and Fer0m0nas (Miguel Campos) with 3.3 million .

About the study Figures and Digital Influencers 2019

"Public Figures and Digital Influencers" is a study carried out by Marktest Consulting on the Portuguese opinion on national public figures and an analysis of their digital presence.

The study allows to know the image that the Portuguese have of the national public figures, their opinion about the main characteristics of these personalities and their association to the publicity. It also integrates information about its digital presence (social networks and blogs). The study also analyzes indicators of notoriety and empathy with Blogs, Vlogs, Bloggers, Instagrammers or Youtubers.

The sample consisted of 1201 interviews, representative of the Portuguese population, considering gender, age and region, and online collection through a self-completion questionnaire, between February 1 and 25, 2019.

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