Topics to discuss with companies that build wooden houses

Topics to discuss with companies that build wooden houses

Motivated by the search for differentiated, more accessible and more ecological construction methods, more and more Portuguese people are willing to learn more about wooden houses. If this is also your case, I would certainly like to know what are the most important questions you should ask companies that build this type of housing.

The truth is that the construction of a personalized wooden house represents a strong commitment and also a great financial effort for most families. So it is essential to ensure that you have all the information before making a final decision.

To avoid discomfort, these are the questions you should ask when starting a dialogue with a company that specializes in the construction of wooden houses.

Do they offer free consultancy and preliminary estimates?

When you are starting the process of designing your new wooden house, it is normal to have doubts and questions that you would like to see clarified. In this sense, it is important to know if the company you are going to choose offers free consultation and a preliminary detailed budget. Unfortunately, many companies in the industry do not strive for transparency, which can cause discomfort with the final price of a project.

It is convenient to choose a company that strives for transparency and that shares all relevant information from the first moment. In this sense, Maestro Casas stands out particularly, as it allows its customers to have easy and quick access to the cost of all their base projects, also allowing them to calculate the cost increase based on parameters such as the thickness of the walls, the floor or roof.

In addition, this company also offers a free consultancy service and strongly invests in the customization of all its constructions, fully understanding that each client has unique needs. All this flexibility has a real impact on the commercial activity of Maestro Casas, since 93% of all houses built by the company have undergone some type of modification requested by customers.

When will I receive a quote?

One of the main advantages inherent in choosing a wooden house is the speed of the entire process. Therefore, it is not convenient that you have to wait weeks just to get a detailed and accurate budget for a project.

The most professional and efficient companies are able to provide project data and detailed budget in a matter of days.

Do I need to make a deposit?

This is another very pertinent question, which should be asked immediately when making initial contacts with a wooden house construction company. In most situations, the customer is asked to make an advance payment before the construction process begins. This initial deposit is usually made after the contract is signed.

Will the wooden house be guaranteed?

As already mentioned, the construction of a wooden house is a very significant investment. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the company offers collateral on the home you are selling.

Generally, the extent of the warranty varies depending on the type of project. There is nothing like asking for this information in detail, in order to know what are the points that will be safeguarded under the guarantee provided to you.

What other services can be provided?

Finally, another issue that should deserve the attention of anyone who is interested in a wooden house: seek to know in more detail the level of specialization of the company with which you will work.

In the case of Maestro Casas, the company houses under the same roof: architects, designers, construction team and sales managers. This means that all customer questions, whether technical or commercial, can be easily answered. And of course, there are the necessary resources to design completely customized solutions, which meet the expectations of each client.


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