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The Intermunicipal Community (CIM) of the Region of Coimbra today received in Brussels the title of European Region of Gastronomy 2021, awarded by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism (IGCAT).

"This is a very significant distinction, because it is a European recognition for a region that has products of a high quality and the proof is that it reaches this mark," said Pedro Machado in Brussels, on the sidelines of the ceremony.

For the president of TCP, the assigned title is simultaneously "a responsibility and a challenge".

"A responsibility for the public agents represented by the CIM, which recognizes tourism as a high motor for the development of its municipalities and territories, but it is a challenge for promoters, entrepreneurs and for those who are in any way connected, directly or indirectly to this area of ​​gastronomy, wine and wine tourism, "he said.

According to Pedro Machado, this is an opportunity to raise the bar "of quality and authenticity, not undermining what the European Commission has come to recognize", and also to create value.

"A region that combines the Bairrada piglet with the chanfana, the lamprey, the roasted kid and other unique delicacies and that presents the palate with the pastels of Tentúgal, the pastels of Lorvão or the bellies of nun, is a region to add and to increase in value, even in price, and to be able to have better products in our region, "he added.

Also in a communiqué, TCP considers that this distinction is also "an excellent opportunity for more and more Europeans to discover this region, so as to discover, in addition to gastronomy, the world heritage sites, almost pristine nature sites, shale villages or the Atlantic coast, tourist resources that characterize the Region of Coimbra ".

The name of the European Gastronomy Region is awarded annually to two distinct regions and recognizes the innovation and interconnection of gastronomy with culture, tourism and the economy.

The president of the Commission for Regional Coordination and Development of the Center, Ana Abrunhosa, also praised the conquest of the title by the region.

"This distinction is of extraordinary importance because we are talking about a joint strategy of 19 municipalities that took what they have in the best gastronomy to respect and value their history with modernity," he said.

Ana Abrunhosa also explained that this distinction "will be an important engine of these territories, which should seek to have an image and a calendar of common events."

"The basic denominator is the gastronomy, which will certainly leverage, besides the tourist activity, other activities."

She also stressed the fact that "unity has been found in diversity".

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