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The Algarve Hotel and Tourism School in Faro will host a conference on "Tourism – how to respond to the effects of climate change and high-impact events" on 10 May.

This is an initiative organized by the Association Safe Communities Portugal, the Algarve Tourism Region and the CDOS – District Relief Operations Center, whose closing session will be attended by Secretary of State for Tourism, Ana Mendes Godinho.

"At a time when most countries in the world face major challenges caused by extreme weather events, it is of fundamental importance to discuss ways to anticipate these conditions and mitigate their effects in Portugal, the population and those who visit us," says organization, in a statement.

Faced with an increasing number of foreign visitors in the Algarve, which in the summer greatly exceeds the number of residents, "it is essential that all tourism agents are aware of what is being done and of the role they can play in the guarantee of the safety of its customers, "is added on the event, to be held between 9:30 and 17:30.

The objectives of this conference, the first of its kind in Portugal, include, inter alia, raising awareness in the tourism sector of the risk of high-impact events and prevention and protection measures currently in force; to know, in case of a disaster, the existing communication channels to disseminate information to tourists; to gain a better understanding of the work of emergency services; helping the tourism industry to play an adequate role in protecting its customers; to promote the measures that Portugal / the Algarve has already taken to protect the safety of tourists as a means of attracting visitors to one of the safest destinations in Europe; and identify any areas where more needs to be done.

All stakeholders in the tourism sector, as well as interested NGOs and government officials, as well as the general public, are the target audience for a conference that will be held in Portuguese with support offered in English.

After the opening session and the lecture on "Overview of role and plans during disasters", by Vaz Pinto, Faro's district commander for Relief Operations, the first panel is held.

The following issues will be addressed: "Health risks during and after the rural fires and other disasters – Response in emergency situations" (Paulo Morgado, president of the Regional Health Administration of Algarve), "Response in emergency situations" (Alberto Mota Borges, director of Faro International Airport), "Understanding the climate and its influence on outdoor activities – climate change" (Miguel Miranda, president of the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere) and "Communication with adverse weather conditions and in emergency situations "(Elidérico Viegas, president of AHETA – AHETA), followed by a debate with speakers and representatives of the PSP and GNR.

In the afternoon, the second panel includes the following lectures: "Tourist security from an international perspective" (Donna Boucher, senior destinations executive of the Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (ABTA), London), «Portugal Flame – Social mobilization "Call to action" (Sara Otero, expert-coordinator of the Agency for Integrated Rural Fire Management), "The British Embassy – its role in high impact events" (Simona Demuro, British consul and director of Consular Operations in Portugal and Cape Verde) and Communication, Communication and Communication (David Thomas, President of Safe Communities Portugal), ending with a debate with speakers.

The conclusions will be presented by the president of the RTA, João Fernandes, followed by the closing session, with the Secretary of State.



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