Toy Story: "My Mom Loved My Dad Before Getting Married"

Toy Story: "My Mom Loved My Dad Before Getting Married"

The singer was this Saturday in the program 'Tell me how you are'.

Toy was Fátima Lopes' special guest on TVI's' Conta Me Me 'program. In an emotional, emotion-filled conversation, the singer heard the testimony of friends, family and colleagues.

The friends of childhood made us remember the rebellion that characterized him and that he believes he had inherited from his mother, Leonor.

However, the passionate way in which her life is lived has also been conveyed to her by the strong personality of the mother and, of course, by the love story of her parents.

"My mother was my father's lover before marrying him," says Toy, recalling that it was only when he was 13 years old that his parents were able to marry him.

As the artist recalls, his father was married to another woman and only later did he get a divorce. "My parents' love story is wonderful", he says, remembering the letters of love exchanged and the peripécias lived until the couple achieve stability.

Also his wife, Daniela, dedicated a special message to him in the program. "You are my guardian angel. Thank you for everything you do for my family," he said.

However, it was with the testimony of the stepdaughter, whom she proudly calls daughter, that the artist left the emotion to take care of itself.

"'Love is the word I find to describe you.Thank you for being my father, thank you for being my friend,'" Beatriz wrote in a letter to Fátima Lopes.

It is recalled that Toy is still father of Leandro and Lara, fruit of its first marriage.

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