Track your vehicle's expenses with Drivvo – Android

Track your vehicle's expenses with Drivvo - Android

Drivvo is a free application that provides the user with resources to manage the expenses of your vehicle. Through the app, it is possible to control from the supply to the maintenance, consult detailed reports and still save the important dates related to your vehicle (which can be light, heavy or motorcycle), so as to be reminded whenever necessary.

The application includes a function to generate reports on the performance of the vehicle, where the user can have access to numbers on the distance traveled, average kilometers per day, cost per kilometer or others, during a selected period of time. In addition, there is still a calculator inside the app itself, which can be useful in times of haste.

Drivvo will refine its indications based on the number of information entered in the app. Each oil change or supply provides more data on the driver's habits and vehicle data, making the information bank more complete available.

Drivvo features custom charts for monthly expenses, fuel consumption, distance to fuel, averages for fuel and services (including oil change, air conditioning, battery, brake pads, glass, mirrors, overhaul and tires).

The application is free, although there is also a Pro version, without advertising and with some extra features. It can be downloaded for Android on Google Play and for iPhone and iPad in the App Store.

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