Trainer of the Algarve Hotel and Tourism School wins "Best Career" award

Trainer of the Algarve Hotel and Tourism School wins "Best Career" award

Abílio Jesus Guerreiro, trainer of the Kitchen area at the School of Hotel and Tourism of the Algarve was distinguished with the prize of “Best Career of Teacher of Professional Education” in the prestigious Hospitality Education Awards, the Awards of Tourism Training in Portugal.

These awards, promoted by Associação Fórum Turismo, aim to dignify the professions in the area and, at the same time, encourage the training of excellence, in order to respond to the needs of the sector.

In the category of Best Teaching Career in Professional Education, EHTA trainer Abílio Guerreiro was chosen from several dozen trainers, from all over the country, in an edition that reached a record number of applications for these awards.

With regard to this award, Abílio Guerreiro compares the classroom, in the context of professional training, as “A blank canvas, in which all students contribute to their painting and their creativity. At the end, we have the picture painted, which is a knowledge base to share with everyone. This knowledge will allow us to build a better world, based on education. This is what I believe in ”.

For 6 years, Abílio Guerreiro, aged 47, develops the functions of Coordinator of the Cooking Course and is the trainer of several modules. He is also responsible for the Open Experimentation Laboratories in addition to being a representative of the School of Hospitality and Tourism of the Algarve on the Mediterranean Diet Safeguard Committee.

For the School's director, Paula Vicente, this award "recognizes and praises the work carried out in the area of ​​professional education and gives us the courage to continue to follow this path, which is demanding and challenging, but which is essential for the future of the country and which will count on the commitment of the entire network Turismo de Portugal school program ".


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