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The Treasury will be able to obtain complete information on the taxpayers who joined the tax amnesties of 2005, 2010 and 2012, through access to the data that were kept by the Bank of Portugal, according to the edition of the "Jornal de Negócios" on Tuesday, November 27.

The objective of this measure is that declarations of tax regularization issued under the exceptional tax regularization regimes (RERT) are transmitted by the regulator and the intervening financial institutions to the Tax and Customs Authority, within a period of 30 days.

This proposal presented by the Left Block has already been approved by the Government. However, he was criticized by prosecutors, such as Manuel Faustino, an IRS specialist, who refers to the economy daily that "we are faced with an" unnamed "ax in the state as a person of good, who complies with the laws that his legislative body par excellence approves".

Also the former Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs of the PSD Vasco Valdez says that this measure is "to change the rules after the game has ended," expressing his will that "the State take action even stronger than it has today to this kind of fraud, but can not, after the expiry of the expiry date, come change the rules. "

In turn, former Secretary of State for Tax Affairs Rogério Fernandes Ferreira assumes that, with this proposal, "we will have the same State, which assured the citizens that the information thus made available could not be disclosed without its express authorization, as an assumption of accession to the RERT, to say now, that such information could, after all, be used by the same State, but for other purposes. "

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