"Trouble: Adventure in the City": Get Invitations for the premieres – Hobbies

"Trouble: Adventure in the City": Get Invitations for the premieres - Hobbies

A fun and exciting animation for the whole family.

From the day he was born, Trouble has lived a luxurious life; have the best clothes, play with the best toys, and sleep in the best bed any other dog has. After the death of his wealthy owner, Trouble feels alone, lost and searching for a way back home. Everything is new and scary in the city and dangers lurk around every corner.

In this new adventure Trouble meets Rousey, a stray dog ​​with whom she befriends, and will teach her the real-world tricks and Zoe, an 18-year-old singer who is trying to build her place in the music world. In their own way, both will help Trouble discover that the most important thing in life is not what you have but who you have.

The Portuguese version of "Trouble: Adventure in the City" integrates the voices of Liliana Santos, Mariana Pacheco, Rui Unas, Ana Bola and Wet Bed Gang.



PRIS Audiovisuals and SAPO Mag have to offer:

* 10 double invitations for the premiere at the NOS Colombo Cinemas (Lisbon), September 14th, at 11h00;

* 20 double invitations for the premiere at the NOS Parque Nascente Cinemas (Gondomar), on September 14, at 11h00.

Just answer a question.


The competition ends at 2 pm on September 12. Results are released by 4:57 pm.

The form asks for full name. Incomplete entries may not be considered.

Only one valid response per email address and per competitor is accepted, so it's no use answering the form more than once.

Winners must present their CC or other ID (photocopies will not be accepted) at the ticket office about 30 minutes before the event starts to pick up their invitations. No invitations will be delivered upon presentation of the winner's personal identification by others, or copies of such documents.

Participation in the premiere hobbies presupposes the availability to attend the sessions, so except in cases of force majeure that should be communicated in a timely manner via email. [email protected] (identified by name and pastime, including city), we are attended by all the winners. Winner exchanges are not accepted and in case of no show a new winner will be drawn.

Compete only if you are sure you may be present.

We reserve the right to exclude from future hobbies anyone who does not do so..

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