Trump and Kanye West star in unusual meeting at White House – Showbiz

Trump and Kanye West star in unusual meeting at White House - Showbiz

Kanye West visited Donald Trump and monopolized the conversation for 10 minutes to talk about his masculine attributes, mental disorders and urban violence.

Donald Trump has decided to welcome the rapper, one of his most fervent supporters, an evidence – according to the president – of his popularity among the black electorate on Thursday, Oct. 11.

Before the press and accompanied by former football player Jim Brown, "Ye" (Kanye West), as he wants to be called, went to the White House with his famous red cap with Trump's campaign slogan: "Make America Great Again. "

"Something happens when I put on this cap, I feel like Superman, it's my favorite superhero," said Kanye West, adding that he admires the American president.

Using inappropriate language for the solemnity of the place, he claimed to have had "c *** ions" to wear the cap.

The rapper also explained that in the name of economic protectionism proclaimed by Trump, asked the company of mattresses Casper to reopen its production sites in North American territory.

During the conversation, Kanye West also talked about his bipolar disorder, explaining that he simply had insomnia.

Before the press, the artist also revealed the password of his iPhone: 00000.

At the end of his monologue, during which Trump simply watched, the two of them hugged each other before they went out for lunch. "I tell you what, it was impressive," said the Republican.

Kanye West began supporting Trump after his election in November 2016, paying a visit to the Trump Tower in New York.

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