Trump says US wealth should not be jeopardized by 'dreams and wind generators' – The Economic Journal

US President Donald Trump was not present at the meeting at which the G7 discussed climate change and has publicly stated several times that he does not believe in global warming. Asked about his absence, Trump stressed that American wealth is due to energy and will not put wealth at risk due to dreams and wind turbines.

In 2017, Donald Trump withdrew the United States signature from the Paris climate agreement, which dates from 2015 and was signed by Barack Obama. The Paris Agreement was backed by more than 200 countries, but Trump withdrew the signature because he considered global warming a "fraud."

“I feel that the United States of America has enormous wealth. Wealth is under your feet. I made this wealth come to life… We are the world's largest energy producer, ”Trump said when asked about his views on climate change.

"I will not lose wealth, I will not lose it for dreams and wind turbines, which frankly are not working very well," added the US president. In addition to canceling the Paris Agreement, Trump also weakened the Wildlife Conservation Act.

Trump's absence was notorious for journalists, but French President Emmanuel Macron downplayed the absence: "He was not in the room, but his team was present," he said, adding that the US is with the other G7 countries. “biodiversity and the Amazon initiative”.

In his statements, Trump called himself an environmentalist and claimed that he filled out many environmental impact statements when he was a real estate developer. “I want the cleanest water on earth. I want the cleanest air on earth. And that is what we are doing, ”said Trump.

“And I'm an environmentalist, a lot of people don't understand that. I have made more environmental impact statements than anyone who has been president. And I think I know more about the environment than most people, ”he told reporters.

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