Tuk-tuk tours reveal cinematographic landscapes in Olhão and Tavira – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Tuk-tuk tours reveal cinematographic landscapes in Olhão and Tavira - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The FICLO – Olhão International Film and Literature Festival, which holds its 1st edition between April 4 and 13, inaugurated the Film Tours, tour itineraries made in tuk-tuk through the films shot in the Algarve leeward.

"The Algarve has been a privileged stage for film shoots, with landscapes that explode in a harsh and intense light," said the organization, whose tours extend between Olhão, Cabanas de Tavira and Castro Marim.

Manoel de Oliveira, João César Monteiro, João Botelho or Tony Gatlif are some of the filmmakers who came through this Portuguese region for the filming of some of his works.

Each of these paths allows access to the archeology of the history of the Algarve film – filmed in the Algarve, or in studio, with themes and motives of the Algarve.

The Film Rides, made in partnership with the companies Love Tuk Olhão and Tuk Tuk Tavira, travel through the traces of films such as "Principle of Wisdom" by António Macedo, "Agua e Sal" by Teresa Villaverde, «Luz na Ria Formosa ", by João Botelho, or by the short film« Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen »by João César Monteiro.

The itinerary in Olhão, included in the City Tour of Love Tuk Olhão, costs 30 euros for two people and reservations can be made to the contact 962329606.

In the municipality of Tavira, the itineraries are operated by Tuk Tuk Tavira and have a cost of 40 euros (2 people) or 65 euros (4 people) in the Tour of Cabanas de Tavira and Cacela Velha (included in the Cacela Velha Tour), and 140 euros (2 people) or 220 euros (4 people) on the Tour through Castro Marim (included in the Castro Marim Tour). Reservations can be made through email [email protected] or telephone 913 352 830.

The Film Rides, although created as a FICLO project, will not be limited to the festival period. The objective is to turn these itineraries into a proposal for cultural tourism available all year round in the Algarve.

FICLO takes place between April 4 and 13, in an organization of the Cineclube of Tavira, in co-production with the Municipality of Olhão, integrated in the cultural program «365 Algarve».



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