Turismo de Portugal challenges professionals of the future in Portimão – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Turismo de Portugal challenges professionals of the future in Portimão - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

For 12 consecutive hours, on April 3, in Portimão, students of the 3rd cycle and vocational education will have to solve a set of theoretical-practical questions based on the local tourist activity.

The "12 Horas Turismo" is an initiative of Turismo de Portugal and the consultant SFORI, which will have about 80 participants, coming from different schools and areas of the country.

The objective is to "encourage and motivate a dynamic, enlightened and enterprising attitude of those who will be the future human resources of the tourism sector in Portugal", Turismo de Portugal said in a statement.

"This type of initiative is extremely important given the need for the industry to attract young people to study tourism. We believe that many young people are unaware of the potential of the sector, are unaware of the many professions in the sector and the attractiveness of building a professional career in tourism ", says Ana Paula Pais, director of Formation of the entity.

SFORI has set up this intensive program for Tourism in Portugal, "enabling future tourism professionals to grasp efficiency models that will mark the beginning of their professional career", concludes Alexandre Real, a consulting partner who works in the areas of organizational development and corporate marketing.

According to the latest Professional Insertion Study, the employability rate of students graduated from Turismo de Portugal schools has risen to 90%, having reached the highest rate in the last ten years.

The courses that register the greatest employability are the Cooking / Pastry Techniques (94%) and the Hotel Management in Restoration and Beverage (95%) course.

Cuisine, Pastry, Restoration and Drinks, Open-air Tourism, Cultural and Heritage Tourism, Hotel / Accommodation and Tourism Management are the courses available in the 12 schools of Turismo de Portugal.

More information on the «12 Hours of Tourism» is available on the event's official website.



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