Turismo de Portugal satisfied with digital green certificate

Turismo de Portugal satisfied with digital green certificate

European Commission proposes creation of free pass to prove vaccination, testing or recovery of Covid-19

Turismo de Portugal announced today that it welcomed the European Commission's proposal to create a digital free pass to prove the vaccination, testing or recovery of covid-19.

In a statement, Turismo de Portugal states that “it welcomes the news about the legislative proposal of the European Commission for the creation of a digital free pass that proves the vaccination, testing or recovery of COVID-19, with a view to resuming free between Member States ”.

The theme was raised at the extraordinary meeting of Tourism Ministers of the European Union (EU), held in Lisbon on March 1, and reiterated at the meeting of general directors of tourism on March 8, says Turismo de Portugal.

"The European Commission recognized and expressed, as of March 1, the importance of this step for the resumption of mobility, guaranteeing that such a system can never be discriminatory and should always safeguard issues such as privacy and data protection", can read in the statement.

Important measure for the recovery of the industry

For the president of Turismo de Portugal, Luís Araújo, “this is an important measure for the recovery of one of the industries most affected by the global pandemic”.

“Turismo de Portugal and its European counterparts recently expressed in Lisbon to be prepared and available to collaborate with the European Commission so that this solution will be implemented in record time in the European space and may soon be extended to non-Schengen markets ”, Continues Luís Araújo, cited in the document.

The use of the digital free transit to prove vaccination, testing or recovery of covid-19, proposed on Wednesday by the European Commission, will be decided by the Member States, according to Brussels, hoping that this will be an alternative tool to the tests or quarantine in trips.

Brussels wants this document to apply as much to air travel as overland or other travel.

The objective is for this pass to work in a similar way to a boarding pass for trips, being available in digital and / or paper format, with a QR code to be easily read by electronic devices and made available free of charge and in the national language. of the citizen and in English, according to the proposal of the European Commission.

By June, the Community executive wants a technical framework to be defined at EU level to ensure security, interoperability.


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