Turismo do Algarve launches publication for cyclists with 20 new routes

Turismo do Algarve launches publication for cyclists with 20 new routes

The Algarve leads the platoon of cycling routes, having recently created another 20 tourist trails for those who like to cycle on vacation, brought together in the new «Guide to Cycling Paths».

This is an edition of Turismo do Algarve that hopes to promote the use of bicycles in the region throughout the year.

Following modern trends in urban mobility, in which people go out into the streets more with the bicycle, and with the aim of boosting cycling tourism in the region, Turismo do Algarve launches the publication of a guide that promises to circulate tourists and residents on two wheels on municipal, rural roads and dirt or compacted gravel paths.

The 20 routes are circular (start and end at the same location), pass through the 16 counties of the region and were defined on purpose for Turismo do Algarve by a specialized technician, taking into account criteria such as technical difficulty, points of tourist interest in each municipality and its suitability for touring or trekking bikes, in tour format.

The goal is to bring the region closer to the goals of a destination of smooth and sustainable mobility, promoting the use of bicycles during the holidays.

According to a 2016 study by Tourism Development International, Europeans will have made about 23 million trips in 2014 motivated by bicycle use on vacation.

“More than just a means of transport, the bicycle thus becomes part of the tourist experience itself. With our new guide, we intend to capture the interest of these cyclists in the Algarve, especially those from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany ”, stated the president of Turismo do Algarve, João Fernandes.

The Algarve's “Guide to Cycling Paths” is available for free download here and was published as part of the SustenTUR project, a candidate for the Sustainability Support Line of the Valorizar Program, of Turismo de Portugal.

This is just one of the many actions developed by Turismo do Algarve in the segment of hiking, cycling and cycling.

Between November and December of this year, training activities took place for 50 accommodation units with a view to their qualification to better meet the needs of those traveling by bicycle or on foot.

The units enrolled in this training received a personalized consultancy service that helped diagnose their offer and look for solutions to increase the quality of the experience of hikers and cyclists staying with them.

The training activity «Bike & Walk Friendly» was also carried out under SustenTUR, a transversal project in progress until the end of 2020 that is based on the sustainable development of tourism in the Algarve, through information and social awareness initiatives, environmental and cultural activities aimed at tourism professionals, visitors and the resident population.


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