TVI decides to put an end to "Who Wants to Marry My Son?"

TVI decides to put an end to "Who Wants to Marry My Son?"

The reality show "Who Wants To Marry My Son?" Will come to an end sooner than expected. TVI will finish the program's first season at the end of the month, on the last Sunday in March, 31st.

The news was confirmed by the director general of TVI, Bruno Santos, to Correio da Manhã. "Due to poor audiences, and to the fact that production is not meeting expectations, TVI has decided to anticipate the end of the program," he explained.

The program presented by Leonor Poeiras was behind "Who Wants to Date with the Farmer?" Of SIC, which has won more than 400 thousand spectators, according to the CM. Last Sunday, "Who Wants to Marry My Son?" Was watched by 628,000 viewers.

"In a few days we will announce [a próxima aposta da TVI para os domingos à noite]. The new grid will start in April ", stressed the director general of TVI.

"Who Wants To Marry My Son?" Premiered in early March and prompted criticism. "Singles, living with the mothers and needing help to find the face-half? So far love has not knocked on the door? Luck seems to be changing … It's coming 'Who wants to marry my son, a different reality show where we watched the search for five singles for the great love of their lives, "explained TVI at the program's presentation.

After the premiere, through social networks, the feminist association Capazes called for a boycott of reality shows – "Who Wants to Date the Farmer?" and "Who Wants to Marry My Son?". "Two days after we mark International Women's Day and the importance of the fight for Equality, TVI and SIC present two absolutely degrading formats for women. Programs where women are competing for male Alpha and their dowry , subjecting ourselves to the greatest humiliations and making us all go back to the last century. Machismo and sexism in all its splendor. "The association wrote on its Facebook page.

According to the Observer, the Regulatory Entity for Social Communication (ERC) has confirmed that it has received complaints against TVI's "Who Wants to Marry a Farmer?" Reality show and "Who Wants to Marry My Son". Both shows debuted this Sunday, March 10th.

In social networks, several viewers criticized the two formats, accused of prejudice and machismo.

In the program of José Eduardo Moniz, Leonor Poeiras defended that the conclusions about the format were hasty. "We are not feeding stereotypes of which we have been so accused," stressed the presenter, noting that the criticisms are based on just one episode – in total, "Who Wants to Marry My Son?" should have nine episodes in addition to daily broadcasts.

For the host of "Who Wants to Marry My Son?", Comparisons do not make any sense. "Comparing the competitors of this program to cattle and cows … I think it is being overly prejudiced. Anyone can participate freely in any television program," he said.

For Bruno Santos, TVI's director general of antenna and programs, the channel "is the least prejudiced." "TVI is the least prejudiced channel that exists in the Portuguese audiovisual system … And this program complies with the television law and respects the principles of freedom of each person," he stressed in the program "God and the Devil."

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