TVI to continue betting on Maria Cerqueira Gomes – News

Maria Cerqueira Gomes will be alone in "Você na TV" for a week - Upcoming Events

Maria Cerqueira Gomes will continue to be one of TVI's bets. According to Correio da Manhã, contrary to the rumors of recent weeks, the contract of the presenter did not see the end arrive in December 2019.

"We do not comment on the contractual relations we have with employees or suppliers of TVI, but I can clarify that this news of Maria's one-year contract is false," said the Communications director of Queluz de Baixo station Helena Forjaz. newspaper.

Maria Cerqueira Gomes made her debut alongside Manuel Luís Goucha, in "Você na TV", in January. In the last three months the TVI duo failed to lead audiences, leaving behind Cristina Ferreira, who moved to SIC in the last quarter of 2018.

The Communication director of the Queluz de Baixo station even notes that Maria Cerqueira Gomes "only leaves TVI if she wants to."

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