Twitch introduces karaoke functionality on the streaming platform – News

Twitch introduces karaoke functionality on the streaming platform - News

Produced by the Rock Band studio, the Twitch Sings game was created to be played during live Twitch broadcasts, allowing fans to select songs via chat and other interactions with streamers.

This weekend was the TwitchCon event that brings together fans and creators of the Twitch streaming platform. The company, which belongs to Amazon, took advantage of the event to announce new features and content. One of them is the game Twitch Sings, produced by the experienced studio Harmonix, original company of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. This is a karaoke experience designed specifically to be played in streaming, which will allow fans to choose the songs for the creators to sing.

In addition to the requests, various features can be activated by the users who are watching, including cheer to activate the lights of the stages of the game scene, or introduce special challenges, from hiding the lyrics of the songs or ask them to sing like a "vampire." Twitch said the game will go into closed beta later this year.

The streaming platform, which reported having a constant average of about one million people watching simultaneously, will introduce new features. One of the most important is support for small creators, new partnerships and affiliations, as well as suggesting streamers near where they are watching. The company also has new moderation tools to introduce, so that "special" users help keep the conversation room healthy among the audience it is watching.

If all goes as planned, the new features should be released in January 2019.

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