Twitter wants to shut up unwanted messages – Apps

Twitter wants to shut up unwanted messages - Apps

In order to prevent its users from being bothered with messages that may be offensive, Twitter is working on a new tool to block them. It was the social network itself that put a message in your account with a small .gif explaining how the system works. Messages suspected of containing offensive words will be quarantined in a folder marked as “additional messages”.

When you access this folder, its messages are edited with the phrase "this message is hidden because it may contain offensive content". Suspicious messages are sent to the folder that contains the requests to send contacts from non-following users and to access them you have to tap “show” additional messages. From there you can consult them, or simply delete them without having to read them.

This feature addresses the lack of measures to combat spam through direct messages from foreign users. As much as there is an effort by the social network to refine algorithms to flag abusive tweets without supervisors, there are always true messages that are falsely flagged, and vice versa.

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