Two Algarve clubs compete in the main club sailing regatta in Portugal

Two Algarve clubs compete in the main club sailing regatta in Portugal

The Algarve teams of CIMAV, Vilamoura, and Clube de Vela de Lagos will compete this weekend, on the 19th and 20th, for the Liga Vela Portugal, the main regatta between clubs that takes place in the country.

This championship joins the women's regatta Women On Water, held last weekend, and Regata do Infante (sailed between Leixões and Ribeira do Porto), the following week, on the agenda of Lusíadas Saúde Porto Sailing.

12 crews will be present in the water, in a total of 48 sailors, looking for the qualification for the international final, that in this edition will be held in Porto Cervo (Italy), between 15 to 18 of October.

Among the crews in the race are two from the Algarve. Martim Fernandes, Beatriz Gago, Marta Melo and Ricardo Duarte represent CIMAV, while the Lagos Sailing Club will have ex-420 world champion Martinho Fortunato at the helm, with his sons Marta and Martinho Fortunato and Frederico Batista.

Remember, last weekend, in the same competition format, but aimed at female crews, Beatriz Gago made it to the final and was part of a crew qualified for the European Women on Water International championship.

The championship will be played on the Douro River, along the banks of Gaia and Foz.

The organization of this regatta is the BBDouro Sailing Academy in partnership with Lusíadas Saúde, which will provide a team of professionals to act in urgent situations with athletes and the general public, also guaranteeing a Covid-19 screening position for athletes and technical teams.

The race follows all the rules and guidelines of the DGS for sporting events and will have the control of procedures ensured by a medical team.


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