Two judokas from the Portuguese team with positive tests

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Two athletes from the Portuguese team, who are preparing the first extended stage, in Coimbra, had positive results in Covid-19, the president of Portuguese Judo Federation (FPJ).

“It was not one of the judokas who was on the internship in Idanha-a-Nova”, revealed Jorge Fernandes, without wanting to mention the names of the two judokas who tested positive, referring only to the fact that she is a female athlete and a male athlete, of seniors.

On the stage in Idanha-a-Nova were eight judokas from the Olympic team, namely Telma Monteiro, Maria Siderot, Catarina Costa, Joana Ramos, Bárbara Timo, Patrícia Sampaio, Yahima Ramirez and Rochele Nunes, trained by Ana Hormigo.

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