Two new photography exhibitions at the Sines Arts Center

Two new photography exhibitions at the Sines Arts Center

Between November 24th and January 24th, 2021, the Sines Arts Center presents two new photography exhibitions, «Alentejo Anamnesis», by Cabrita Nascimento, and «Stages & Singers», by Shen Chao-Liang.

The photographs of the «Alentejo Anamnesis» project intend to be, according to the artist, "artistic essays on the deepest roots of nature on our planet" through the place where he lives, the Alentejo region.

Inspired by the Platonic concept of anamnesis, the photographs constitute "a gradual recollection", through which the photographer discovers within himself "the essential and latent truths" that go back to a time before his empirical existence.

The aim of the project is to "bring to mind the roots of time; shaped by the« sapiens »that inhabited the Alentejo land, the trees that support this land, the rocks that make it up, the water of life that borders it; essential elements that make it one of the most poetic regions on planet Earth ".

Cabrita Nascimento took an initiation to photography at the Youth Culture House in Évora. He completed studies of improvement and specialization in photography, with French trainers from CEMEA, at FAOJ in Porto and in Paris. He participated in training in cinema and video, graduated in Sociology and did a post-graduate degree in Cultural and Cultural Heritage Law.

Curated by Rui Prata, the exhibition «Stages & Singers», by photographer Shan Chao-Liang, shows the cabaret culture on mobile stages that has developed since the 1970s in Taiwan.

“At that time,” writes Alejandro Castellote, “actors were invited to entertain all kinds of celebrations, from wedding receptions to religious and funeral ceremonies. The owners of these small family businesses converted their trucks and vans into small mobile theaters, with which they moved around the country. ”

The decoration of the more than 600 traveling theaters in Taiwan "reflects popular trends, from the oldest to the most modern: characters from stories to comics and animation, spaceships, movie scenes, architectural icons and cutting-edge iconography of video games and clubs ".

The exhibitions start on the 24th of November, with a symbolic opening act at 16:00, opening to the general public on the following day, 25th of November.

The Sines Arts Center is open from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 18:00, and on Saturdays, from 11:00 to 17:00, safeguarding the possibility that the opening hours may change due to the context pandemic that is going through.


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