UAlg will have a new master in Small and Medium Business Management

UAlg will have a new master in Small and Medium Business Management

The University of Algarve (UAlg) announced the reinforcement of its training offer with a new master's degree in Management of Small and Medium Enterprises (PME), which will be taught on the campus of Portimão.

This course aims to "provide distinctive training, which favors the study of the latest trends in business sciences, thus supporting the development of the region, through a strong connection to companies and institutions".

Using digital tools and “always in a perspective of practical application of concepts to the business fabric”, in particular to small and medium-sized companies, this master will be taught by the School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism of the University of Algarve, on the campus of Portimão .

SMEs represent more than 95% of companies in many countries and play a major role in their economies.

“Most study cycles leading to a master's degree in management are concentrated in large companies, while SMEs have specific characteristics and challenges, which must be explored and understood in order to develop more effective and efficient management in an environment increasingly complex business environment ”, stresses the Algarve academy.

In relation to professional opportunities, the Master in Small and Medium Business Management “is of the utmost importance for the performance of management functions and management of SMEs”, as well as several functions, namely in the areas of planning and strategy, of financial, marketing, human resources and operations management.

Applications will run from February 24 to April 9. More information on the UAlg website.


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