Uber will help London drivers to switch to electric vehicles – Business

Uber will help London drivers to switch to electric vehicles - Business

The company's plan meets its pro-environmental motivations and details a plan to introduce a special rate into its services.

Uber has plans to purify the air of London, or at least contribute to a greener city by modifying its fleet of cars to electric ones. Last year it announced the Clean Air plan for the UK capital, but only now has detailed the ideas of the project.

The main objective of the company is that all cars that use the Uber platform are fully electric by 2025. To do so, Uber has created an additional fee in its application, called a clean air fee of 0.15 pounds per mile in all services made by the app in London, from the beginning of next year. Uber estimates that about 45p per trip will be charged for the city.

The accumulated amount of fees will then be invested in the help of drivers in switching to electric and other initiatives for the environment. The company estimates to accumulate about 200 million pounds at this rate.

To be fair to all drivers, the money distributed by the workers will depend on the miles accumulated in the application. In theory, whoever else will work, more incentives will receive, with Uber estimating a slice of about £ 3,000 in two years (and £ 4,500 for three years) for those who work around 40 hours a week. By 2021 the company estimates that around 20,000 drivers have benefited from the complement.

Engadget also notes that Uber has partnered with home charger manufacturers to help drivers supply their vehicles faster at home. In addition, it intends to "hunt" the thousand polluting diesel cars of London.

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