UK has signed extradition papers from Julian Assange – The Economic Journal

The UK has already signed the extradition papers of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, news channel CNN reported on Thursday. Assange may face extradition to the United States where he is accused of espionage.

Secretary of State Sajid Javid signed the papers Wednesday, just a day after the Justice Department officially requested the extradition of the 47-year-old Australian who closed at the embassy of Ecuador in London.

"First, I am pleased that the police have managed to seize it [Assange] and now he's stuck, properly, because he broke the laws of the UK, "Javid told BBC radio on Thursday.

"There is an extradition request from the United States that goes to court tomorrow, but yesterday I signed an extradition order and confirmed it, and also goes to court tomorrow," the secretary of state told the same radio.

It is known that the United States will detail the allegations against the founder of WikiLeaks on Friday. Initially, prosecutors in the United States accused Assange of just one computer invasion, but last month 17 new charges were added, including spying for receiving and publishing information from the United States in conjunction with Chelsea Manning.

Assange's initial indictment triggered a debate over the First Amendment and the alleged protection of secret material as a journalistic activity. The WikiLeaks founder lived for seven years at the Ecuadorian embassy until April, when the country revoked his protection and Assange was arrested.

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