UN says Italian decree violates migrants' rights – The Economic Journal

UN human rights investigators have warned Italy that the proposed decree to formalize the closure of Italian ports to help groups that rescue migrants from the sea violates international law.

In a letter sent to the Italian government, quoted by the Associated Press, the investigators say the decree appears to be yet another political attempt to criminalize search and rescue operations "which" further intensifies the climate of hostility and xenophobia against migrants. "

Italian Interior Minister and right-wing leader Matteo Salvini has proposed the pre-election decree for the European Parliament on May 26 in which nationalist and anti-migrant parties hope to make big gains.

The letter from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights states that the measures would violate the human rights of migrants as enshrined in United Nations conventions.

The letter also indicates that Italy is obliged to rescue migrants in danger and can not prevent others from doing so.

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