"Understanding with PCP and BE would be impossible." Cavaco Silva reveals António Costa's release – The Economic Journal

"Understanding with PCP and BE would be impossible." Cavaco Silva reveals António Costa's release - The Economic Journal

Aníbal Cavaco Silva presents this Thursday the second volume of "Thursday and Other Days" with the subtitle "From Coalition to" Geringonça ", work in which makes revelations about the political crises of the PSD / CDS-PP Government and the formation of the current Government. In that chapter, the former President of the Republic assures that António Costa, already as leader of the PS (on October 10, 2014), had told Cavaco Silva that "regarding the strategic options on the external plane … understanding with the PCP and BE would be impossible. "

Cavaco Silva accuses Paulo Portas of "little patriotic childishness"

In Chapter 14, entitled "The Irrevocable Resignation of a Minister", Cavaco recalls the episode of the resignation of the former leader of the CDS-PP as minister of the Government of Pedro Passos Coelho, since "he was troubled by the choice of Maria Luís Albuquerque to Finance Minister because it would be the continuation of Vitor Gaspar's policy. " "The decision of Paulo Portas was complete absurd. Making a statement announcing the resignation upon the inauguration of the new Finance Minister, which would take place an hour later, seemed to me an unpatriotic childishness. It aimed, intentionally, to destroy the credibility of the new owner of the portfolio, both domestically and externally. Absolutely unacceptable! ", Emphasizes Cavaco Silva.

First year of the Coastal Government "was not good for the country"

In Chapter 22, the former President of the Republic characterized the first year of the PS Government as negative. "It was not good for the country. The political power built on the difficulties of 2016 a guilty narrative of the former Government of the Prime Minister Passos Coelho, precisely the Executive who created the conditions for a new cycle of growth and improvement of the Portuguese welfare and removed Portugal from the situation of pre-bankruptcy that the socialist government of José Sócrates, against all the warnings, had led the country. "

Cavaco Silva guarantees that, as anticipated in December 2015, in the economic field, reality defeated ideology. But not without costs for the Portuguese. The ostentatious rhetoric of "turning the page of austerity" allowed it to elude for some time, but not everything. By early 2017, many had already realized that, turning the page just for some, austerity continued to be evident in the absence of public investment, in captivity, in the deterioration of the quality of public services and in taxes, with the tax burden growing to levels never seen ".

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