"Unemployment is at stake, difficulties are already being felt…" – Francisco Amaral / CM Castro Marim

"Unemployment is at stake, difficulties are already being felt…" - Francisco Amaral / CM Castro Marim

In the municipality of Castro Marim, according to an exclusive interview by the Mayor, Francisco Amaral, to diariOnline Região Sul, “The two existing cases came from England, they are people from the Lisbon metropolitan area, they are a young couple, who in fact got a second home in Altura and they came from Ingraterra on purpose to this house…”

Francisco Amaral addressed potential cases “For example about twenty Asians, rural workers who supposedly would come near Monte Francisco, before they came, the Health Delegate went to visit the space where they were going to come and concluded that there was not the minimum conditions for that number of Asians to stay there sheltered, and thankfully that position was taken because in fact the company that brought them took them to Pedras da Rainha and later they came to the conclusion that they were contaminated… ”

Regarding the dispute with the Regional Director of Health of the Algarve, about 38 other rural workers who were close to Castro Marim, the castromarinense mayor said that "… I already made an appointment with you, I hope she will receive me …"

Regarding the measures taken by the Chamber to support families and businesses, Francisco Amaral confirmed that “The difficulties are there, and as such, at yesterday's Chamber meeting (Wednesday), we have already taken some measures, among which, support for the lease because there are people who do not have money to pay rent, we also have a monthly check in the order of 100 euros to be spent on the local economy, on basic necessities,… we are paying meals to students on a take-away basis, providing computers… ”

Asked about a possible slippage in the finances of the Municipality, taking into account the aforementioned support, the president was adamant in saying that “I don’t go on adventures, I usually say the foot is extended to the size of the sheet, no crazy things, because I don’t want when the children and grandchildren of Castro Marim pay the debts I’m going to leave here…”

In the second part of this interview, to be published soon, Francisco Amaral talks about the future, as well as giving an opinion, as a doctor, about the pandemic.


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