Union of Parishes of Faro creates "Spaces with History" program – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Union of Parishes of Faro creates "Spaces with History" program - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The Union of Parishes of Faro created the program "Spaces with History", to develop a set of measures of safeguard and valorization of the oldest commercial establishments of the city.

"In them lies a relevant part of Farense's identity, character and tradition and, at the same time, they are an important social and economic mechanism for their cohesion and development," says Bruno Lage, president of the farense union.

The "Spaces with History" program also includes cultural and sporting entities of an associative nature that possess material, immaterial, historical and cultural heritage that must be preserved and disseminated and which stand out for their unique characteristics and of recognized value for the city's identity of Faro.

The project aims to develop and apply an active and identitary brand, from which diverse contents will be produced, namely through the creation of a couplets to be assigned to establishments and the development of itineraries, publications and thematic exhibitions, in addition to creating partnerships with entities to support establishments classified in areas such as architecture, decoration, restoration, marketing, economics and management, among others.

The "Spaces with History" program is also part of the objectives of the new Recognition Scheme for establishments of historical, cultural and social interest, which provides for a set of national measures for the protection of establishments that obtain this recognition, level of the Urban Lease Law and the tax level.

Applications for the program may be submitted by any natural or legal person, public or private, and must be submitted by means of a separate form available on the website of the Union of Parishes of Faro or its delegations.



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