UNIR receives donation from H Sarah Trading at Loulé City Hall – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

UNIR receives donation from H Sarah Trading at Loulé City Hall - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The UNIR – Association of Mental Illnesses Families and Friends of the Algarve, based in Loulé, received from the national textile recycling company – H Sarah Trading, based in Seia – a donation that results from the protocol established between the Municipality of Loulé and the company, which has placed several containers for collection of used clothing and footwear in several municipalities.

At the ceremony that took place in the Hall of the Town Hall in Loulé, the president of the municipality, Vítor Aleixo, told the newspaper diariOnline Região Sul how important is the value delivered, 7,500 euros, to UNIR, a very noble institution .. The mayor of Loulé concluded by saying that it was doubly beneficial what happened from both a social and an environmental point of view.

Cláudia Costa, representative of H Sarah Trading, began by saying that she hopes in the future to deliver a greater amount of money to this or another institution, which the Chamber will indicate. It also revealed that there is growing awareness of textile recycling, and it is important to recycle thinking about future generations.

Surprised was the direction of UNIR, who in the voice of treasurer, Maria Leonor Lisboa, said that this amount will contribute to the acquisition of a transport vehicle with 9 places that the institution needs a lot. He also revealed that most of the money will be donated by the Municipality of Loulé, which has greatly helped the institution, he said.

H Sarah Trading, is a carrier of the Waste Management Operator's License and presents itself as a liaison between the citizen and the textile recovery cycle. It seeks to reduce the amount of waste destined for the landfill, to promote the reuse of these textile materials in industrial activity, to reduce the extraction of raw materials from nature and to contribute to the formation of a civic and ecological awareness of the citizen.

Founded in 2006, it started the activity with a sorting center for clothing, footwear and toys and later re-routing. In June 2012, it expanded its area of ​​intervention through the creation of an integrated system of selective collection of textiles, providing an effective and environmentally correct response in the referral of these materials, called the InVista Environment project.



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