United Kingdom has the right to have a European Commissioner, argues Michel Barnier – The Economic Journal

The EU's chief negotiator for Brexit, Michel Barnier, said in an interview with a German newspaper published today that he was in favor of Britain having a European commissioner like the other EU Member States.

"While the UK is a member of the EU, it has all rights and responsibilities," Barnier said in an interview with the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

"This includes the right to a Commissioner and the right to be represented by Members in the European Parliament (EP). There will be no two-tier Parliament, "he continued.

In the same interview, Michel Barnier rejected rumors that he would be interested in running for president of the European Commission, reaffirming his support for Manfred Weber, the Party's "spitzenkandidat" European People's Party (PPE) to the succession of Jean-Claude Juncker in the leadership of the community executive.

"I am, like him, a member of the EPP and equally loyal," he said.

Still in the German newspaper, Barnier again reaffirmed that the current Brexit agreement is the only way for the United Kingdom to leave the EU in an orderly fashion.

The United Kingdom originally had the date of departure from the EU March 29 but, in the absence of approval of the agreement by the parliament, the EU agreed to extend the deadline by 31 October.

The UK can leave on any date before this new deadline but, failing to do so by 23 May, is legally obliged to participate in the EP elections.

The British, along with the Dutch, will be the first to vote in the European Union next Thursday (May 23) and elect 73 MEPs.

The European elections are held from May 23 to 26 in the 28 EU countries.

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