United Nations builds startups accelerator for ocean sustainability – Business

United Nations builds startups accelerator for ocean sustainability - Business

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) has created an international acceleration network to promote the development of technology solutions that foster the sustainability of the oceans. The initiative will develop its work over the next 24 months, with the presentation of the first results expected in June 2020, during the UN Oceans Conference in Lisbon.

The founding entities of the Ocean Accelerator Network act in a complementary way in the areas of innovation and technology for sustainability in the oceans, among which CEiiA – Center for Engineering and Product Development.

The other partners selected were Envisible (USA), Katapult Ocean (Norway), MIT (USA), Sea Ahead (USA) and Startup Chile (Chile). By the end of the year three more institutions will be involved, one from Japan, Singapore and South Africa.

In the network, CEiiA will be responsible for the process of developing new products and services, while its partners will have areas such as market analysis, problem identification or business model development.

"Creating an international network for accelerating innovation is crucial for linking the private sector to the academic world and to the universe of entrepreneurs and startups, and it is surely the joint efforts of the UN's Sustainable Ocean Business Platform, Erik Giercksky, will be very interesting and positive for a more sustainable ocean, according to the UN Agenda 2030. "

Erik Giercksky also believes that "the involvement of CEiiA will be decisive for the success of this initiative, not only for engineering and product development competencies, but also for a history of collaborative work and the creation of innovation ecosystems and the presentation of disruptive results already at the UN Oceans 2020 conference in Lisbon. "

For José Rui Felizardo, CEiiA CEO, "participation in the Sustainable Ocean Business platform represents the recognition of the work of our country, in particular CEiiA, in the area of ​​the oceans and will allow to create new business opportunities for the technology developed in Portugal ".

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