“University of Algarve – 40 years Creating a Future” exhibition opens in Lagoa – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

“University of Algarve - 40 years Creating a Future” exhibition opens in Lagoa - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The Municipality of Lagoa, represented by the Mayor of the City Council, Ana Martins and, by the President of the Municipal Assembly, Águas da Cruz, inaugurated on October 3rd, with the presence of the University of Algarve dean Paulo Águas, the traveling exhibition and interactive “University of Algarve – 40 years Creating a Future”.

The exhibition began on May 9, at the main lobby of the São Bento Palace in Lisbon, as it is the only Portuguese university created by Law of the Assembly of the Republic. The Bill was unanimously approved by Parliament on January 16, 1979, allowing on March 28 to publish Law No. 11/79, which created the
University of Algarve. This unanimity marked in an unprecedented way the creation of the Institution, which was born from the “will of the Algarve”, as stated by the Rector.

Ana Martins pointed out that Lagoa is also based on January 16, as the date of the creation of the municipality, but in 1773, stressing that the municipality has been reinforcing direct cooperation with the Higher Education and Scientific Research Institution. of a strategic partner in the region.
the development of a set of projects, namely the Aprender + Project, pedagogical innovation plans, financial support for that institution's merit scholarships, as well as summer courses for secondary school students, and the Municipality is also one of the sponsors of the Exhibition.

This exhibition aims to show and explain what happened during the 40 years of existence of the University of Algarve, making the symbiosis between the traditional and the technological. It also intends to portray important moments, from its inception to the present, as well as to make known UAlg's research lines, as well as its commitment to the 17 Goals defined in the context of the United Nations.
Nations (UN).

The exhibition “University of Algarve – 40 years Creating a Future” will be on display until October 24th in the multi-purpose room of the Carlos do Carmo Auditorium, Lagoa and will be promoted guided tours to the secondary school students of the county to encourage further studies. on the part of young people.



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