Unpolished rice field trail

Trilho dos arrozais

Paddy's Trail

The pedestrian track of rice fields (PR12), winner of the 2015 edition of the participative budget of Águeda, is impassable in some sections for lack of cleaning

The state of the trail has been the object of protest in social networks and one of its proponents, Victor Cardoso, with whom we spoke, regrets that "unlike neighboring municipalities, in Águeda does not bet on the maintenance and conservation of routes or even its dissemination ".
"While the trail should be clean and prepared to receive visitors, it is in a pitiful state," says the project proponent, who made public a message received by someone who tried to make the journey and who notes the impossibility of transit, including defending which is better to close.
Victor Cardoso says he already informed the City Council but that even "at the moment I did not get an answer".
It should be remembered that this trail was inaugurated on October 30, 2016 and has since been the subject of some cleaning interventions.
Hélder Rafael Castro, Patrícia Marques, Paulo Jesus and Vitor Cardoso were the proponents of the project, which involved a total investment of 17 thousand euros.
The trail, with a distance of 13 kilometers, has as places of departure and arrival the Civic Center Eng. Adolfo Roque in Barrô or the campsite of Aguada de Baixo, taking about two and a half hours to three hours to go.


The rice paddy trail is already going to be closed by the city council, which will also schedule a meeting with the project proponents and the Parish Council to decide their future. That was confirmed by Jorge Almeida, president of the municipality, to our newspaper.
Jorge Almeida, using information from an autarky and the maintenance company until July, says that the track "has been constantly subject to complaints" and that "maybe the proponents have not taken care of the owners' terrain "since" they are constantly damaging the rail, opening ditches to prevent passage and altering the course and subtracting the signs. "
Based on this information and in response to complaints, the mayor agrees that it will be best to close the trail and see what can be done in the future, possibly altering its course.

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